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How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Office 365 Problems

How to Troubleshoot Microsoft Office 365 Problems

Microsoft office 365 is a package of subscription services offered by Microsoft. This was launched in 2011 i.e 7 years ago. This package offers all the professional documentation software that comes under the line of subscription life of the Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft office 365 is an office documentation compilation and the 365 in the topic is denotion of the version. This comprises of Notepad, Ms Word, power point presentation, etc which makes day to day documentation process easy. This has a feature of auto edit which helps in making the documents error free. Whenever users deal with the software packages they do come across with some errors and for these errors, there are Procedures given below to Troubleshoot Microsoft Office 365:-

  • The first and foremost error that takes place while installing the Microsoft Office software is the compatibility of the software with the computer. When the users’ computer is of 32 bit then the user need to install the MS office software which is compatible to this configuration of the computer, in the similar manner if the computer is of 64 bit then the user need to install the software compatible to this configuration.
  • Sometimes, when the user is trying to open the MS office suite, the software crashes right there. This could be because of the some software installation important file was deleted mistakenly by the user. For this, user just needs to uninstall the software and reinstall it. After the completion of the re-installation process the user can open the software.
  • During installation process, often the installation takes too long to take place. This issue could take place due to slow internet connection. So this can be resolved by checking the speed of the internet service provider.
  • Some users do get an error i.e KERNEL32.dll while installing the MS office software in system with Windows XP or Windows Vista, this is because these systems can’t support the newer versions of the MS OFFICE software, so the compatibility of the software version with the computer configuration is very important.
  • Often the MS office software stops working because it needs up-gradation as per the server provision, so the user needs to checkbox the auto upgrade option. This check box can be found by the users in the outlook application or the MS Word application.
  • For signing into the MS Office 365 account, the user needs to go to the specific link for the service that the user wants to use. Every application in the package has its own sign in page.
  • The very common issue that happens is the users forget their username or passwords. This can be retrieved by going on the home page of Microsoft and click the forgot password option entering the email Id that has been provided at the time of Sign up process by the user. After this, the password can be retrieved by following the password recovery steps provided in the password recovery mail.

After going through all the processes mentioned, the user can contact the Microsoft customer support 1800-431-442(Toll Free Number) which works 24*7 for resolving Microsoft Office 365 issues of the users. The user can call or mail to the help support provided on the Microsoft home page.